Southeast Asia is home to some of the world’s most interesting white water rafting courses. We have set ourselves on a mission to gather all these rafting trips together with an incredible travel experience. At present we have began our quest with trips to Thailand and Indonesia. We are in constant look out for prepackaged rafting tours to other countries of Asia. We also provide custom made trips to any region of Southeast Asia and China.

We have a network of tour operators, hotels and transporters across. These suppliers are committed to providing the highest quality services and guidance. We hope to assist many sun and sand seeking travelers with the information and counseling. Through our specialization on Asia we provide traveler with a high quality, value of money packages.

Asia-Rafting.com is designed to make your travel planning experience easier, secured and more affordable.

We are presently based in Bangkok, Thailand. This is because the highest influx of tourists is through Thailand. Most travelers prefer to make their onward journey arrangements from Thailand. We can assist you with all the related arrangements from here in Bangkok. You can choose to go to the rafting course of your choice via Bangkok or directly to the destination.

We look forward to serve you with an amazing travel experience.